Kansas Automated Nurse Notification System (KANN)

Hospitals, educational institutions, nursing homes, staffing agencies, and others rely on the Kansas Board of Nursing (KSBN) for verification of employees’ nursing license status. Previously the only option was verification on a license-by-license basis. But now, KSBN has a new automated service.

The KSBN Kansas Automated Nurse Notification (KANN) system allows employers and educational institutions to be proactive on license verification. Subscribers to the system will be notified when the status of a license changes, including renewals. The notification system has three tier pricing options.

All subscribers will be able to complete the following:

  • Add/delete licensees from their tracking
  • Upgrade subscription
  • Sort Licensees by
    • Profession
    • License Number

Tier One

Annual subscription fee is dependent on number of licensees tracked (1-50 = $150, 51-100 = $250, 101-200 = $300, 201-300 = $350, more than 300 = $400)

  • Receive e-mail notices of any change to license status, including renewal periods
  • Name of licensee
  • License number
  • License status – active or inactive
  • Expiration date of license
  • Original date of licensure
  • Current Disciplinary Actions
  • Send licensees e-mail reminders to renew

Tier Two

Annual Subscription Fee $750

  • All of Tier One, plus
  • Ability to request copy of board order for Disciplinary Actions without an additional charge.
  • IV Certification (LPN’s only)

Tier Three

Annual Subscription Fee $1500

  • All of Tiers One and Two, plus
  • Advanced practice status
    • Date of original issue of status
    • Date of expiration of status
    • Current Disciplinary Actions
    • Controlled Substance Verification Form filed for DEA

The KANN system is provided through a partnership of the Kansas Board of Nursing and Kansas.gov.

To sign up for the service, please visit KANSAS AUTOMATED NURSE NOTIFICATION (KANN) and click “CONTINUE” at the bottom of the page to begin the registration process. You will need to provide you contact information including a valid email address as well as a Credit Card or Electronic Check for payment processing. Subscription fees listed above.

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