Discipline Case List


The information provided here regarding the action taken on the licenses or applications is not updated on a daily basis. The information provided should not be used to verify the current status of licenses or applications. To view the current status of a license please visit the License Verification Database.

Explanation of terms used:

  • Denied: Application not granted.
  • Limited: May not practice in a certain area, capacity, or function.
  • Revoked: No license; May not practice.
  • Suspended: Licensed; May not practice.
  • Stay of Suspension: Licensed; May practice; Must meet certain conditions.
  • Private censure: Reprimand of licensee.
  • Public censure: Reprimand with release of information through the media.

The discipline case list is provided in XLSX (Excel) format. All linked orders within the discipline case list are provided in PDF Format. Please visit the Adobe website to get the necessary plug-ins to view these documents if you don’t already have them.