Nurse Practice Act

NPA by Statute or Rules and Regulations

General Provisions

74-1106 Board of nursing; appointment; terms; vacancies; qualification; duties and powers; executive administrator and other employees; rules and regulations; compensation and expenses
74-1108 Board of Nursing fee fund
74-1109 Educational conference fund
74-1110 Administrative fines
74-1111 Attorney; appointment; salary; duties
74-1112 Applicant for licensure as a professional nurse, practical nurse or mental health technician to be fingerprinted and submit to a state and national criminal history record check.

Professional and Practical Nurses

65-1113 Definitions
65-1114 Unlawful acts
65-1115 Licensure of professional nurses; qualifications of applicants; examination; refresher course; renewal license; title and abbreviation; temporary permit; exempt license.
65-1116 Licensure of practical nurses; qualifications of applicants; examination; refresher course; renewal license; title and abbreviation; temporary permit; exempt license.
65-1117 Renewal of license; inactive license, fee; continuing education requirements; rules and regulations; reinstatement of lapsed license; notification of change in name or address or criminal conviction.
65-1118 Fees
65-1118a Fees, consultants’ travel expenses
65-1119 Schools of nursing; accreditation; approval of providers of continuing education offerings; application fee; criteria for evaluating out-of-state schools
65-1120 Grounds for disciplinary actions; proceedings; witnesses; costs; professional incompetency defined; criminal justice record information
65-1120a Reinstatement of revoked licenses; burden of proof; board of nursing report to legislature
65-1121a Judicial review of board’s actions
65-1122 Misdemeanors; penalties
65-1123 Injunctions
65-1124 Acts which are not prohibited
65-1126 Invalidity of part
65-1127 Immunity from liability in civil actions for reporting, communicating and investigating certain information concerning alleged malpractice incidents and other information; conditions
65-1129 Rules and Regulations
65-1135 Complaint or information relating to complaint confidential; exceptions
65-1136 LPN IV Therapy
65-1165 Delegation provisions

Rules and Regulations

Approval of Schools of Nursing
60-1-102 Approval procedure
60-1-103 Discontinuing a school of nursing
60-1-104 Definitions

Requirements for Approved Nursing Programs
60-2-101 Requirements for initial approval
60-2-102 Reapproval requirements
60-2-103 Faculty and preceptor qualifications
60-2-104 Curriculum requirements
60-2-105 Clinical resources
60-2-106 Educational facilities
60-2-107 Student policies
60-2-108 Reports

Requirements for Licensure and Standards of Practice
60-3-101 Licensure
60-3-102 Duplicate of initial license
60-3-103 Change of name
60-3-105 Reinstatement of license
60-3-106 Licensure qualifications
60-3-106a Temporary permit
60-3-107 Expiration dates of licenses
60-3-108 Expiration date or initial or reinstated license
60-3-109a Standards of practice
60-3-110 Standards for revocation, suspension or limitation of nursing licensure
60-3-111 Inactive license
60-3-112 Exempt License
60-3-113 Reporting of certain misdemeanor convictions by the licensee
60-3-114 Satisfactory completion of a refresher course approved by the board

60-4-101 Payment of fees
60-4-103 Fees and travel expenses for school accreditation and approval of continuing education providers

Continuing Education for Nurses
60-9-105 Definitions
60-9-106 License renewal
60-9-107 Approval of continuing nursing education

Performance Of Selected Nursing Procedures in School Settings
60-15-101 Definitions and functions
60-15-102 Delegation procedures
60-15-103 Supervision of delegated tasks
60-15-104 Medication administration in a school setting

Intravenous Fluid Therapy for Licensed Practical Nurses
60-16-101 Definitions
60-16-102 Scope of practice for licensed practical nurse performing intravenous fluid therapy
60-16-103 Course approval procedure
60-16-104 Standards for course; competency examination; record keeping
60-16-105 Advisory Committee

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

65-1130 Advance practice registered nurse; standards and requirements for licensure; rules and regulations; roles, titles and abbreviations; prescription of drugs authorized; licensure of currently registered individuals
65-1131 Advance practice registered nurse; licensure; fees; license with temporary permit; exempt license
65-1132 Renewal of license for advance practice registered nurse; reinstatement of lapsed license
65-1133 Same; educational and training programs for advance practice registered nurses; approval; survey; nationally accredited programs
65-1134 Citation of Kansas nurse practice act

Rules and Regulations
60-11-101 Definition of expanded role; limitations; restrictions
60-11-102 Roles of advanced practice registered nurses
60-11-103 Educational requirements for advanced practice registered nurses
60-11-104 Functions of the advanced practice registered nurse in the role of nurse practitioner
60-11-104a Protocol requirements; prescription orders
60-11-105 Functions of the advanced practice registered nurse in the role of nurse-midwife
60-11-106 Functions of the advanced practice registered nurse; nurse anesthetist
60-11-107 Functions of the advanced practice registered nurse in the role of clinical nurse specialist
60-11-113 License renewal
60-11-116 Reinstatement of license
60-11-118 Temporary permit to practice
60-11-119 Payment of fees
60-11-120 Expiration dates of licenses; applications
60-11-121 Exempt license

Advanced Nursing Education
60-17-101 Definitions
60-17-102 Requirements for initial approval
60-17-103 Reapproval requirements
60-17-104 Faculty and preceptor qualifications
60-17-105 Curriculum requirements
60-17-106 Clinical resources
60-17-107 Educational facilities
60-17-108 Student policies
60-17-109 Reports
60-17-110 Discontinuing an advanced practice registered nurse program
60-17-111 Requirements for advanced practice registered nurse refresher

Registered Nurse Anesthetist

65-1151 Definitions
65-1152 Qualifications for authorization to practice as a registered nurse anesthetist; approval of schools of nurse anesthesia, criteria
65-1153 Temporary authorization to practice
65-1154 Application; fees; deposit of moneys
65-1155 Expiration of authorizations to practice; system of biennial authorizations; renewal; lapsed authorization; reinstatement fee
65-1158 Duties of registered nurse anesthetist
65-1159 Qualifications of applicant for renewal of an authorization to practice; continuing education
65-1162 Unlawful acts
65-1163 Application of act
65-1164 Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
60-13-101 Payment of fees
60-13-102 Approval procedure
60-13-103 School approval requirements
60-13-104 Exam approval
60-13-110 Reinstatement of authorization
60-13-111 Continuing education definitions
60-13-112 License renewal
60-13-113 Approval of registered nurse anesthetist continuing education

Licensed Mental Health Technician Act

65-4201 Citation of act
65-4202 Definitions
65-4203 Licensure of mental health technicians; application; qualifications; examination; licensure by another state, effect, rules and regulations
65-4204 Title and abbreviations
65-4205 Renewal of license; application; fees; continuing education; renewal of lapsed license
65-4206 Approved courses of mental health technology; standards; qualification
65-4207 List of approved courses; survey or proposed course and institution, resurvey; notice of deficient institution; removal from list; records
65-4208 Fees
65-4209 Denial, revocation or suspension of license
65-4210 Disciplinary proceedings; complaint; notice and hearing
65-4211 Judicial review
65-4212 Exclusions
65-4213 Injunctions
65-4214 Violations; penalties
65-4215 Practice of medicine not authorized
65-4216 Report of certain actions of mental health technician; persons required to report; mental care facility which fails to report subject to civil fine; definitions
65-4217 Immunity from liability in civil actions for reporting, communicating or investigating certain information

Rules and Regulations

Approval of Educational Programs for Mental Health Technicians
60-5-102 Approval procedure
60-5-103 Discontinuing a program for mental health technicians

Requirements for Approved Programs for Mental Health Technicians
60-6-101 Requirements

Requirements for Licensure and Standards of Practice
60-7-101 Licensure
60-7-102 Duplicate of initial license
60-7-103 Change of name
60-7-104 Reinstatement of license after revocation
60-7-105 Standards of practice
60-7-106 Unprofessional conduct
60-7-108 Inactive license
60-7-109 Exempt License
60-7-110 Expiration dates of licenses; applications
60-7-111 Reporting of certain misdemeanor convictions by the licensee

60-8-101 Schedule of fees

Continuing Education for Mental Health Technicians
60-12-104 Approval of continuing education offerings
60-12-105 Definitions
60-12-106 License renewal