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The KSBN office will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th 2022.

Important Message for Visitors to the Board

February 18th, 2022

  • KSBN DOES NOT perform fingerprinting services in the agency effective immediately. Required waivers and fingerprint instructions can be found here. Please refer to your local police station or fingerprint agency for prints.
  • The Board of Nursing will be open to public traffic, but it is highly recommended that you conduct business via online services, mail, phone, or email. You can make an appointment by calling 785-296-2967.
  • You may find our direct agency contacts information listed under Staff Contacts on our website.

Reminders about License Expiration Dates


K.A.R. 60-3-108 states that a license for registered professional nurses and licensed practical nurses shall be renewed according to the following requirements:

(1)        The expiration date of each license shall be the last day of the month in which the licensee’s birthday occurs.

(2)        The renewal date of each licensee whose year of birth is an odd-numbered year shall be in each odd-numbered year.  The renewal date for each licensee whose year of birth is an even-numbered year shall be in each even numbered year.

An example is:  licensee’s date of birth: 7/15/1988, the next expiration date is 7/31/2022.

K.A.R. 60-11-113 states advanced practice registered nurse licenses shall be renewed on the same biennial cycle as the cycle for the registered professional nurse licensure renewal, as specified in K.A.R. 60-3-108.

If you renewed your license later than the normal expiration date, due to the extension given via the Governor’s Executive Orders, this did not reset the two-year renewal cycle.  Your license will continue to expire on the dates explained above.  You should check the licensure verification database on our website to ensure you know the expiration date of your license.

As a reminder, you need to complete 30 hours of approved CNE before your license renewal.  If you waited until August 28, 2021 to renew your license and you do not have a full two years before renewal, you will have to complete the full 30 hours of approved CNE before your next license renewal.

APRNs must have 30 contact hours of approved CNE in the advanced practice nurse role before license renewal.



There are licensing requirements that must be met before a license can be issued which includes information that must be received and processed. Due to the high volume of applications and information KSBN is receiving, processing times may be longer than usual. Please continue to check your application checklist as we will update it as information is processed. It slows processing times when staff must respond to numerous emails and phone calls as to whether a piece of information has been received and processed. Another important reminder, licenses are issued on an individual basis and times may differ for each applicant. Agency staff are working diligently to process applications and required information. We want to get applicants licensed as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience during this very busy time.

The mission of the Board of Nursing is to assure the citizens of Kansas safe and competent practice by nurses and mental health technicians.

Scholarship Opportunity

KSBN Scholarship winners are selected by Board members through a blind review of an essay written by the applicant. The essay topic is selected by the Board. Four scholarships for $1000.00 each are awarded and are to be used for school expenses, thanks to the Arthur Davis Agency, Cedar Falls, Iowa, publisher of the KSBN newsletter.

Deadline for Submission:
November 30th, 2022

Executive Administrator Update

Read the update focused around Senate Substitute for House Bill 2279 from the Executive Administrator of KSBN.

School Nurses and Naloxone Dispensing

This link is specifically for becoming a naloxone dispenser (which schools would not be when just stocking it for emergency use) but it also includes the statewide protocol, offers naloxone training, and the Narcan Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for use of naloxone.

You may also find this link under Resources > School Nursing > Naloxone Dispensing.

Registration Form for Out-of-State Nurses without a multistate license

Pursuant to HB 2477, healthcare professionals licensed and in good standing in another state can practice such profession in the state of Kansas for the purpose of preparing for, responding to, or mitigating any effect of COVID-19 once registered with KSBN.

Thank You Kansas Health Care Workers!

Kansas’ elected leaders showing their appreciation for Kansas health care workers

Applied for Multistate?

Don’t forget that all multi-state applications require a NEW set of fingerprints for a background check. Any fingerprints/background checks submitted with other applications are not valid for the compact application, per compact rules.

Once fingerprints are received by KSBN, they must be sent to the KBI to be processed.

Phishing Scam PSA

The professional nursing community as of late, has been getting targeted in phishing campaigns at an increased rate. KSBN recommends that you treat unsolicited communications with caution. All KSBN fees are paid online through the portal, at the office, or via mailed check. We do not take payment over the phone.You can always follow up by calling us directly at 785-296-4929.

COVID-19 Information Center

Get updates on how COVID-19 is impacting KSBN and the licensing process, read the CDC safety guidelines, utilize online resources, answer frequently asked questions, and more…

Explore KSBN’s COVID-19 Information Center.

K-TRACS Revamp

K-TRACS has launched a revamped website aimed at providing additional training and educational opportunities for the state’s healthcare providers and pharmacists.

“We are prioritizing patient safety and making sure that pharmacists and prescribers across the state have all the tools they need to do the same,” -Jennifer Donnelly, Assistant Director of K-TRACS

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IOAs Online!

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Recieved a Renewal Notice?

If you have received a renewal notice in the mail, but already renewed, don’t panic! KSBN will automatically send a renewal notice by mail approximately 90 days prior to your expiration date.

KS does not penalize you for entering lapsed status. (See Reinstatement for reactivation) If you have a primary residence and compact license in another state, you can simply let your KS license lapse.

You can always check the status of your license, including your expiration date, by going to our verification database or Nursys Quick Confirm.

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