Free Notification Service Available to Licensees in Kansas

KSBN is proud to announce a free notification service available to licensees in Kansas. You will now receive KSBN notices by text and email from the “KANNalert” program. The new service, powered by the Kansas Company INAalert, will notify you of emergencies and the expiration of your license. “KANNalert” will notify a licensee that their license is about to expire. The licensee will receive an e-mail or text notice approximately 90, 30 and 10 days prior to their license expiration date. To receive this notice KSBN must have your e-mail and/or cell phone number. Please do not block the mobile number of the alert system and make sure your email service does not label the email as spam. If you need to reply, follow the instructions on the message or contact KSBN directly.

The KANNalert system complements a growing list of online and automated KSBN services including license renewal, address change and application check. For this service to function properly, it is important that you keep your cell phone number and email address current with KSBN.