License Verification


Do you have too many licenses to keep track of? Do you want to be notified when your are due to renew? Sign up for NCSBN’s E-Notify today and receive notifications for your renewal, changes in license status, discipline status, and more!

Nursys® QuickConfirm Verification

QuickConfirm License Verification is a free service to look up and verify nurse licensure information.

Look up a license from any QuickConfirm participating board of nursing and print/download a report with the licensure and discipline status information for that nurse.


License Status Verification

License Status Verification is available online, or written request for verification may be submitted to the Board office. License status verification will include the following information:

  • Kansas license number
  • Date of issue and expiration
  • Legal and/or disciplinary action (if any)

Instant access verification is for organizations or facilities that require a small number of verification searches and are NOT current KANN Check subscribers. Instant Access is freely available to anyone in the public including nurses who wish to check the status of their own licensure. Verification is obtained INSTANTLY via KSBN’s web-based verification system.

Written Request

Written requests cost $30 per verification.

APRN, CGFNS, or NNAS verification, have to be processed by paper. Please provide contact name, contact information, and the fee. Submit requests to:

Kansas State Board of Nursing
Attn: License Verification
900 SW Jackson, Suite 1051
Topeka, KS 66612

Upon receipt of the written request, verification will be completed by the Kansas State Board of Nursing and returned directly to the requestor. For questions regarding License Status Verification contact the Licensing Department of the Board at 785-296-4929. Please allow 7-10 days for processing of written requests.