Any applicant that has been unsuccessful in passing the examination may take subsequent examinations.

A student may test every 45 days, if applicable. The frequency of testing is determined by the National Council State Board of Nursing. Applicants can schedule an examination but will be unable to test earlier than the 46th day after the last examination date.

Prior to each re-examination, candidates are required to resubmit a KSBN application and applicable fee and re-register with PearsonVue. A new background check may be required if the previous results have expired. An applicant, who fails to pass the examination more than two (2) years after graduation, but less than five (5) years after graduation, will need to submit a completed petition to the board for permission to retake the examination. This must be done every time you need to retest during this time frame.

An applicant who fails to pass the examination within 5 years of graduation can no longer submit a petition for retesting. They must retake a nursing program before permission will be given to retake the examination.