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Welcome to the Kansas State Board of Nursing Newsletter Library. Newsletters are updated each quarter and are mailed to nurses in Active Status. You may view current and past newsletter: Articles, Continuing Nursing Education Offerings, Legal Cases, Duplicate License Listings and MORE.

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3rd Quarter 2018
July, Aug, Sept 2018 / Volume 31, Number 3

2nd Quarter 2018
Apr, May, Jun 2018 / Volume 31, Number 2

1st Quarter 2018
Jan, Feb, Mar 2018 / Volume 31, Number 1



4th Quarter 2017
Oct, Nov, Dec 2017 / Volume 30, Number 4

3rd Quarter 2017
July, Aug, Sept 2017 / Volume 30, Number 3

2nd Quarter 2017
Apr, May, Jun 2017 / Volume 30, Number 2

1st Quarter 2017
Jan, Feb, Mar 2017 / Volume 30, Number 1





4 Quarter 2016
Oct, Nov, Dec 2016 / Volume 29, Number 4

3rd Quarter 2016
July, Aug, Sept 2016 / Volume 29, Number 3

2nd Quarter 2016
Apr, May, Jun 2016 / Volume 29, Number 2

1st Quarter 2016
Jan, Feb, Mar 2016 / Volume 29, Number 1

4th Quarter 2015
Oct, Nov, Dec 2015 / Volume 28, Number 4

3rd Quarter 2015
July, Aug, Sept 2015 / Volume 28, Number 3

2nd Quarter 2015
Apr, May, Jun 2015 / Volume 28, Number 2

1st Quarter 2015
Jan, Feb, Mar 2015 / Volume 28, Number 1